Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cheers!Raw Ink is coming out with the hottest, new, desirable craving look that would have Indie hipster, punk rock, blispters, and rockers shaking at their knees! At Raw Ink we believe that using organic materials such as cotton, would give the fitting of clothes a much lighter feel. Plus you know you want harm the evironment. Everything clothing, outfit, etc. is made hand-sowen and tailor for the comfort to your setting. The motto is believing in " the dynamic force", stating that whenever you go out to school or just to chill out, wearing Raw Ink will give you the top swagger, reflecting a riot of yourselves to others. The "dynamic force" also reflects us teens the most! To how we wear our clothing, it expresses us on who we are which is dynamic in a way that brings a force to peoples eyes of liking! How about that?!

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